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Ruda Auction Lot

Fruity, Berry, Winey

This is a very special coffee. bid on and won several lots of this in Daterra’s 2017 auction.

For the Tupi natives, Ruda is the god of love - he lives on the clouds and awakens love in the heart of mankind. The legend says that, in the beginning of the world, there was only darkness, so the sun Guaraci was created. One day, Guaraci got very tired of shining a light on the world and needed a rest. When Guaraci closed his eyes, he noticed that the world went black. In order to shine a light in the night, Guaraci created the moon, Jaci. She was so beautiful that Guaraci immediately fell in love with her – but every time he opened his eyes to see her, the day rose and she disappeared. Guaraci asked his father Tupa, to create a messenger to tell the moon how much Guaraci loved her. Tupa created Ruda, the Messenger of love who knew no darkness or light. Every night, Ruda tells Jaci how in love the sun is with her.

Laurina is a rare varietal from the Reunion Islands, also know as Bourbou Pointu. Laurina stands out for its excellent drink profile and for its natural low caffeine content. To create Rudá, we placed the cherries inside a stainless-steel tank in the processes know as semi-carbonic maceration. By fermenting the cherries rather than pulped beans, new flavors are achieved due to the intra-cellular fermentation.

Tasting notes: Fruity, Berry, Winey
Harvesting: Handpicking
Roast: Light-Medium
Processing: Semi-Carbonic Maceration
Varietal: Laurina

We Recommend Pour over, Drip and other manual brew methods for the Ruda. The coffee also works great as an espresso - especially with machines that can be adjusted to brew at a lower pressure and high temperature - we recommend a 30 second brew at a 1:2 ratio using water at 95 degrees C an 7 bars of pressure.

This coffee has naturally low caffiene content and can be enjoyed any time of the day